Tuesday, March 26, 2013

End of Daylight Savings

Well, this weekend sees the end of daylight savings and those lovely balmy evenings sitting outside watching the birds put themselves to bed. The mornings are already getting darker and waking up at 7 is becoming more and more difficult - for some reason getting up in the dark no matter what the time , is so much less inviting than waking up to a soft bright dawn light.

But, with the colder weather and shorter days comes the rain - and that is very welcome.  Good rain last week and more to come tomorrow - Thank Goodness!!  We got our Summer water bill last week and it was horrific!!  I must ring someone for a quote on installing more rainwater tanks and for cleaning out the dam and putting in a pump.

We've been working a lot in the garden this last week after the rain, tidying up, weeding, doing the garden edges and spreading bark chips. Mark has been out in the veggie garden and between Don and Mark we have had great saving in vegetables this summer.

I love these Japanese windflowers. They thrive in the moister areas of the garden. This single pink pops up all through the front garden

And the first double deep pink one has come out. These were beautiful last year and I am hoping for another good showing soon.
 Around the garden there are late summer flowers still on show with a flush of roses getting ready for April. We have 3 new garden areas ready for new plantings and are just waiting for some more rain before we get on with that work.

This little area where we put up the new bird bath is starting to look quite pretty and by next spring should look even better when the irises and all the salvias are in flower.

See how neat my lawn edges are. Behind this bed there will be a new bed of Australian natives to form a hedge between the road and the garden.

More tidy edges and newly mown lawns.

Such a simple, pretty flower.

Liz Needle


  1. We've got another week of daylight left here. Your garden looks very tidy. I love those Japanese windflowers, too.

  2. Well I am assuming that it is over, but maybe I am a week out. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. What a beautiful garden! And I love those windflowers! I have never seen them before, and they are delightful!