Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Toy

Don has a new toy - a new ride-on mower complete with trailer. Today he drove up to the old dairy and brought down two trailer loads of composted manure - straw/goat poo/cow poo. Very old and powdery.   I've gone for broke and put it on a section of the garden where the plants are not thriving. Will either kill them or cure them.

Now a change from roses.  Each morning I am greeted by these cheeky , happy little faces. Love the colours and they are so easy to grow.

Aren't the purple and orange ones delightful. I must get some more; they look lovely in terracotta pots

Out the front the Dutch iris are flowering. They look very dramatic against the willow trees.  I have a bright yellow one as well, but it's noy flowering yet. I must get the blue. Love that deep colour.

These little perennials look pretty together - Cerastium and Nepeta.

Another pretty spot at the moment is around the sun dial - Thymes and mini Agapanthas. It looks a bit scruffy because I snapped this before the new mower arrived. But I like the casual look.

Liz Needle


  1. Our ride-on is by far the best thing we ever bought. I love using it and it makes life so much easier. Don looks like he is enjoying his new toy too!

  2. We had a Cox mower before and it was forever havibg to go to the repair man. Have to say it did a brilliant cut though. Hopefully this one will be more relaible - don't think the cut is so good.