Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Rose by Any Other Name......

The garden is a pretty sight at the moment with the roses flowering and other late spring flowers on display. Watering is becoming a problem and unless we have some rain the garden will have a miserable summer. Water restrictions will soon be enforced  and we will struggle to keep lawns green and plants alive.

Meantime we continue to enjoy the roses.

 I can't for the life of me remember the names of these two roses. They both make a colourful display although the purple one below is only a spring flowering rose so we can only enjoy its pretty old world charm once a year. They are both singles and have that lovely two tone look as they fade.

The purple rose is very vigourous and would take over if I let it. Thankfully it has very few thorns.

 Both of these roses are David Austin roses - Belle Story or Lucetta(not sure which) on the left and Mary Rose below. I think it is Belle Story - one of my favourites anyway.

The rose below is a mistake in a way. Well, not really a mistake, but it is the root stock of another rose that died and I liked it so much that I have let it go.

 This gorgeous purple/red below is another of my favourites, but it is another one I can't name, though it is quite distinctive. I did have a map of my rose garden, but it has disappeared into the mists of time so to speak. Below left is Buff Beauty, a lovely soft apricot  

 The pink rose on the left is  Shady Lady, so called because it tolerates shade. This one actually is in the sun. Most of my roses tolerate a degree of shade. They don't really get much choice.
More next time. I'm not sure if anyone is reading my blog, but if you are, I hope you are enjoying the flowers as much as i do.

Liz Needle

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