Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eastern Spinebill

A frequent visitor to my garden and one of my favourite little birds is the Eastern Spinebill. They are quite small - 12-15 cms and very attractive with the distinctive cinnamon collar and chest and the contrasting black and white bands on the chest.

They are found all down the East coast and in the south east of Australia. They have a variety of habitats, but seem to like our garden with its huge variety of flowers. An Austrlian native honeyeater, they seem to prefer to collect the nectar from non-native flowers like fuchsia and salvia.

They are very difficult to photograph as they never keep still and I sat for hours on the veranda to get a few decent shots.

In other areas of the garden, the irises have been putting on a superb show, though they are all but finished now. 

This is a selection of what flowered this year. I love the rich colours and the lovely ruffles petals. And to think that I used to dislike irises - too flamboyant and over the top.  Who knows one day I may come to like gladioli and irridescent orange roses.  How tastes change

Liz Needle  -  linking with Wild Bird Wednesday


  1. Two great little bird shots Liz, judgingby its beak its a specialised feeder. I also love your Irises you hyave had a fantastic show.
    All the best Gordon.

  2. The Iris are very beautiful and I wish I had Spinebill around my yard.

  3. Wish we had Spinebill in our garden.

  4. Its just a stunning bird, lovely colours added with the flora images, nice post.

  5. It was time well spent waiting to get your pictures. They are wonderful pictures of this interesting little fellow. And, your Irises are magnificent. Yes our taste does change over time ... usually in allowing more into our choice of favorites. Have a wonderful week ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. This was one of my favourite birds when I visited Australia. I remember sitting on a little porch at a B & B near Moruya, NSW and an Eastern Spinebill was moving around in a bush almost within arm's reach.

  7. Hi Liz. Gret to get shots of Spinebill and what wonderful Iris.

  8. Beautiful photos! I just love the irises.