Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finally Some Rain

Finally we have had some good rains and the soil is moist and black and ready for planting. We have our winter veggies in and are using the last of the summer crops. Having made quince jelly and paste, I am now attempting Feijoa jelly and paste. I still have quinces in storage and have to stir myself to use them up - or give more away, but the Feijoas are more urgent as we have a bumper crop and they do not store for long.

Autumn was less colourful in our garden this year. We did not get our usual show and the leaves did not hang on for as long as usual. Now it looks very wintery outside with most of the trees quite bare - except the oaks. They seem determined to be the last to undress for winter.

Manchurian Pear

I love the colour in these pear leaves.
Unfortunately all too soon we had a carpet of leaves

The persimmon has beautiful leaves and lovely orange fruit.

 I found a beautiful glory vine on the side of a nearby road. Please excuse the ugly cables in the shot.

Thanks to the rain, some of the perennials are taking on a new lease of life and are putting on a brave show. I'll have to get the camera out when it stops raining - never thought I would be able to say that this Autumn.

Liz Needle

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