Friday, February 15, 2013

Flowering Gums

Its been a while since I posted on this blog, but thanks to the long hot summer, not a lot positive has happened in the garden.

We haven't had any rain since November except for one fall in January. Tonight we have had an electrical storm with a little rain, but so far barely enough to register on any rain gauge. We have had to water reluctantly because water is so expensive, but I cannot just let my precious garden disintegrate before my eyes.

I have no doubt we will get a hefty water bill and a rap over the knuckles from the little men who sit in the big buildings and decide how much they are going to charge us to keep this dry land green.

We have one lovely flowering Eucalypt in our garden but there are a lot around and most of these photos are from street plantings in this area. Our tree had an off year this year, so the photos are mainly close ups of small patches on the tree.

This is the colour of our tree - a rich flame orange. This variety is the original one. I think the other colours have been bred by horticulturalists. As you can see these flowers are far fuller than the ones below.- - and check out the bees!!

This one is a paler pink colour and the one below is a deeper red. There are also very pale pink - somewhat wishy washy to my mind and a creamy white which I don't like much either.

Aren't these flowers exquisite?

I must try and find a photo of our tree when it is in full flower - absolutely stunning and greatly loved by the lorikeets when it is in flower.

Liz Needle

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